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LWML Toolkit Kits

LWML Toolkit Kits are kit suggestions that you can use for Gifts from the Heart in your district, zone, and local groups. Be sure to know where your kits will be given before you start collecting. It is suggested that agencies be contacted to be sure they can take the kits and in what quantity. Different agencies may also request certain items to better serve their clients. This kit list is simply a “jumping off” point to use as you share God’s love and serve the Lord with Gladness.

Ideas for Pastor Support and Involvement

Pastor’s Survival Kit #1:

Type up the following and put them in a sealed plastic bag and staple the following list to it:

  1. Candle — To help light your path.
  2. Life Savers — For the times others need your help.
  3. Gum — So your church can stick together.
  4. Confetti — To remember to add sparkle to lives.
  5. Eraser — To remind you that everyone makes mistakes and they can be erased.
  6. Puzzle Piece — To remind you that you are an important piece of GOD’s plan.
  7. Rubber Band — Because you always need to be flexible.
  8. Cotton Ball — To cushion any rough roads you may encounter.
  9. Marbles — To replace the ones that you have lost.
  10. Band-Aid — To heal the pain and suffering within your church.
  11. Tea Bag — To remind you to take time and relax daily and reflect on your blessings.

Pastor’s Survival Kit #2:

Put mints in a plastic bag and attach the following note: Thank you for your involve-mint and commit-mint to a child’s religious education. Here’s a little something for your enjoy-mint!

Pastor’s Survival Kit #3:

Include anything that your pastor might really appreciate — these are just some ideas:

  1. Restaurant gift cards for date nights
  2. Membership at a gym or health club
  3. Healthy snacks
  4. Tickets to sporting events that he enjoys
  5. Tickets to concerts or theatrical productions that he would enjoy
  6. “Coupons” for babysitting so Pastor and his wife can have a date night
  7. Books, CDs, or DVDs on topics that interest him
  8. Supplies (or gift cards from suppliers) for his crafts or hobbies

Things to Do for Your Pastor:

  1. Share baked goods, homemade foods, and/or homegrown fresh fruits and vegetables.
  2. Organize a group of volunteers to help with home repairs.
  3. Recognize your pastor on his ministry anniversary.
  4. Invite your pastor to your home for a meal, family gathering, or special event.
  5. Sponsor a Pastor Appreciation Day.

Cards of Encouragement:

1.  For Pastor Appreciation Month (October), use this text:

Thank you — for the countless times you have stretched out your hands in service to others in times of need.
Thank you — for the early Sunday mornings and many hours in preparations for your great sermons.
Thank you — for the thousands of prayers you have prayed for your congregation and others.
Thank you — for the time spent out of church to help those who needed help, or need a friend.
Thank you — for not judging people, and always embracing everyone with open arms.

Jeremiah 29:11: For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the Lord, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end (KJV).

What I pray for you: Guidance for the paths your feet will daily follow. Wisdom for the counsel you are asked to give. Compassion for those you are called upon to help.

What I wish for you: Strength to stand for what is true and right even when there is opposition. Courage to press on, even when things seem routine. Perseverance to follow the desires God has placed in your heart, even when you doubt.

What I give to you: support for your leadership, appreciation for your calling and gifts, thanks for the person you are in Christ. God Bless you!

2.  Remember cards for special holidays like Valentine’s Day, Easter, Thanksgiving and especially his birthday!

3.  A card or note for any time of year could include:

Matthew 25:21: His master replied, ‘Well done, good and faithful servant! You have been faithful with a few things; I will put you in charge of many things. Come and share your master’s happiness!’ (NIV).

A Pastor devoted to giving so much,
    God only knows all the souls that you touch.
Committed to serve when you answered God’s call,
    you prove it by being a servant to all.


P is for Pastor, so pleasant day and night.
A is for affectionate, always shining bright.
S is for spiritual, so strong and sensitive, too.
T is for the treasured one, “too good to be true”
O is for outstanding, the one sent by the Lord.
R is for a ray of light, a rare and rich reward.

You’re such a wonderful Pastor, filled with compassionate love. Your faith inspires one and all to honor the Lord up above!

Ways to Involve Pastors:

(Ideas submitted by LWML Pacific Southwest District)

  1. At the local level
    1. Use the ideas above to encourage your pastor.
    2. Supply your pastor with ideas found on the LWML Church Workers in Mission page.
    3. Invite your pastor to some or all of your local group events.
  2. At the zone level
    1. Zone presidents encourage your local group presidents to send the district pastoral counselors stories of how their pastor is supporting the local LWML. District pastoral counselors can then call these local group pastors and thank them for their support.
    2. Be sure to include the local group pastors on any distribution for PR for zone events such as rallies, retreats or Christian Life workshops.  Add a cover letter asking for their prayers and for their help in disseminating the information in their congregation.
  3. At the district level
    1. Have someone from your LWML district attend pastors’ conferences or retreats in your LCMS district. Have the LWML district counselors pass out snack bags (candy, granola bars, peanuts) before each meeting session. Place stickers on the snack bags (Praying for you! From: <district name> LWML). At other times during the proceedings, distribute the Church Workers in Missions brochure (color or black and white).
    2. At the pastors’ conference, have a drawing to send a pastor and his wife to the LWML district convention at the district’s expense.
    3. Have a drawing for a pastor’s wife to attend a winter district retreat
    4. Have an LWML display table at the pastors’ conference. Pictures are better than words! Place a mite box on the table. Have a flyer that encourages pastors to have their church participate in LWML supported missions that are in your district.


View Pastor Support and Involvement Ideas — PDF

Download Pastor Support and Involvement Ideas — Word doc 

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