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Come and See!

Come to the LWML Convention in Mobile, Alabama, on June 20-23, 2019. You are invited! Why do these Lutheran women spend their time in service to God and give money to missions? Come and see.

Opportunities await you, even before you arrive in Mobile. We invite you to bring Gifts from the Heart to share with those less fortunate. Take a full or half day tour of the area or enjoy golfing. We offer pre-convention seminars to equip leaders in your district and servant event opportunities on Thursday morning. Take part in the Mission Walk at the river’s edge and Bible studies abound. Find all information here.

Make a commitment now to attend. Conventions give new vitality to local groups as the women and men who attend return and share information and enthusiasm. They allow all LWML women, through their delegates, to choose mission grants to support during the next biennium. Along with the necessary business, we share our Savior and mission with the community.

Engage, encourage, equip, enjoy … These four keys words have been President Patti Ross’ mantra as she has served these last four years. Our LWML Convention offers Bible studies, Christian fellowship, and brings missionaries to speak and share the Good News from the mission field.

Come and See! Come … In Praise to the LORD!

In His service, filled with His joy,


We Are Family!


With God there is no tribe or race; In Him we all are one.
He loves us as His children through our faith in His dear son.
Join hands disciples of the faith, what-e’er your race may be; 
Who serves my father as His child is surely kin to me.
In Christ now meet both east and west; In Him meet south and north.
All Christian souls are one in Him through-out the whole wide world.

LSB 653 v1, 4-5


I love it when little kids and big kids call me Auntie Kaye. I am either little sister or big sister to many. The hymn above gives me joy in those relationships. While serving as Vice President of Special Focus Ministries, I have felt such a family connection to so many people I have met from all over the country, from many cultures, and all ages. The LWML Convention in Mobile, AL, June 20–23 will be another opportunity for me to meet new family members, and to once again see those with whom I have formed relationships during past events. There is still time to register for the convention. Come and be part of our family reunion.

Click on the underlined words above to see more information about our cultural, young women, and youth outreach programs.


The Primary Focus of LWML is …

Nurturing Faith in Christ … By God’s grace we give each woman opportunities to be in the Word and to use her unique gifts in God’s service.

Making Our Faith Meaningful … We equip each woman to make a significant difference in the lives of all people.

Sharing Encouragement … We value each other in Christ and we accept and encourage each woman to grow in her relationship with others.

Ask yourself …

  • What am I doing to nurture my faith in Christ my Savior?

  • Am I sharing with other women the opportunities they have to be in the Word, encouraging them to use their unique gifts to be in God’s service?

  • Do I equip women to make a significant difference in the lives of all people?

  • Do I value each woman in Christ so much that I encourage her to grow in her relationship with others?

Click each of these links below for ways to put your faith to work.

Sharing God's Word. Two women praying together over Bibles, while meeting for coffee.

I Love to Tell the Story
Gospel Outreach Links Outside of LWML
Every One His Witness Workshops
Shop Gospel Outreach on

You are the light of the world. A city set on a hill cannot be hidden. Nor do people light a lamp and put it under a basket, but on a stand, and it gives light to all in the house. In the same way, let your light shine before others (Matthew 5:14–16a).


In Praise to the LORD!

“With the Lord begin your task; Jesus will direct it. For His aid and counsel ask; Jesus will perfect it.” (LSB 869:1a) These words begin one of many favorite hymns. Words to remember for all we do in service to our Lord.

Lutheran Women in Mission, in a little over a month and a half, will convene in Mobile, Alabama, for the LWML 38th Biennial Convention. All the many hours of planning and preparation these past two years will come to fruition as women and men gather to give thanks to God for His amazing grace.

As you have been making plans to attend, have you checked all the information on the Convention Central page under News & Events.

* Are you signed up to play in the LWML Tee Up 4 Mites Golf Outing? Or, maybe you’re sponsoring a hole?

* Which servant connection activity are you going to do or which pre-convention seminar are you attending … Treasurer/Financial Secretary, Structure/Parliamentary Procedure, Mission Grants, How to Write a Bible Study, Leadership Development: Become a Leader You Would Follow!, Webmaster/Social Media, Gifts of Love?

* Did you register for the Mission in Motion Pledge Walk?

* Did you sign up for a Friday Info-gathering or Saturday noon luncheon?

* Are you looking forward to delving into the Word at one of the Wake Up with the Word Bible studies?

2019 Convention logo: Purple world with gold cross and red heart stretching out around the world centered on the cross, with the inner point of the heart starting in the convention site of Mobile, Alabama.

To God be the glory as together we will:

  • Sing and rejoice in celebration of His Word.

  • Tell of His salvation for all.

  • Declare His glory among the nations.

  • Go forth in His joy!

“Jesus, in Your name begun Be the day’s endeavor;
Grant that it may well be done To Your praise forever.”
(LSB 869:5b)

See you in Mobile, June 20–23!


Coming Soon!

New Bible Study, Devotionals, Event/Retreat!


A Missionary? Me? presents real-life, non-scripted stories.
Written by women serving in the mission field.
Study how Jesus not only leads, but carries these women through many difficult challenges.
A summary to each lesson is authored by Karol Selle, inviting participants to examine their personal missionary opportunities.


Three New Mustard Seed DEVOTIONAL Booklets

Praise to The Lord

Joy in Our Daily Lives

Comfort and Hope


Looking for a way to grow in faith while enjoying fun and fellowship with other Christian women?  Local groups, zones, and districts may offer a women’s day or weekend event.

Planning is available here, with invitations, suggested decorations, and detailed directions through a Leader’s Guide.

A Women’s Day Event/Retreat
Let’s Grab Our Shoes and Go!
A Christian Journey Women’s Retreat
Authored by Terri Bentley

These new resources will soon be available for sale at the LWML Convention Store, in Mobile, Alabama, at or the Women’s Day Event/Retreat Leader’s Guide, invitations, and decorating suggestions, will be downloadable also at

Lord, to whom shall we go? You have the word of eternal life (John 6:68).


A Time to Sing and Rejoice

The two men in dazzling apparel ask the women: “Why do you seek the living among the dead? He is not here, but has risen." (Luke 24:5b-6a)  At that point, everything began to change for these women. They were the first to see an empty tomb and the first to receive a message of resurrection concerning Jesus, their Lord. In remembering Jesus' words they left the tomb and told the apostles what had happened.

What a day for these women. The magnitude of that morning will not be lost on them as they learn to live in His peace. Forgiveness of sins, defeat of the devil and the grave, and the promises of everlasting life would mark their praise and thanksgiving for ever more.

This summer in Mobile, Alabama, as Lutheran Women in Mission, we too will have an opportunity to praise and thank our God for all of these blessings. This will be a time for everyone to sing and rejoice In Praise to the LORD, to tell of His salvation for all, to declare His glory among the nations, and to go forth in His joy! Like those women on that first Resurrection Sunday we too will remember the words of Jesus and tell them to all the world. May God make our Convention a memorable one in the Lord.

Christ is Risen! He is Risen Indeed! Alleluia!


The Crown of Thorns

Who would think to make a crown of thorns to put on someone’s head? That is just plain cruel. Yet, the guards who watched over Jesus, those who taunted Him, made fun of Him and mocked Him did just that. They wove together a crown made of thorns. Then, in an act of complete mockery, they placed the crown upon His head.

Placed it on His head. I doubt if it was that easy. I have a crown of thorns that was given to me many years ago. Every year during Holy Week, I will take that crown out. I hold it in my hands and imagine what it must have been like to have that placed on Jesus’ head. I will gingerly place it on my head, careful to not let the thorns pierce my skin. Then I think about how they must have jammed that crown upon His head. The agony, the pain, the blood, the tears, the laughter, yes, laughter as they watched this “King of the Jews” cringe under the pain of that crown.

He wore that crown so that you and I can wear another crown. In Revelation 2:10, we hear Jesus say, “Be faithful unto death, and I will give you the crown of life.” Through faith in Jesus Christ, you and I are given a crown to wear. It is not a crown of thorns to cause us to suffer but it is a crown of life, glorious life eternal, a crown of one who is given eternal life. We wear this crown while He wears the crown of thorns. It doesn’t seem right.

He does that to take our place. He suffered in our stead. He bore the pain of our sins and gives to us the joys of eternal life. A crown of thorns worn by the Son of God, so that the sinner, you and me, might be given the crown of life. Thank You Jesus for loving me so much, that You have taken all my punishment and have given me Your righteousness.

 May the Lord grant you a blessed Good Friday,



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