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8/30/2023 September to Remember article

Serving the Lord with Gladness

When I think of a woman who exemplified “serving the Lord with gladness” I think of Alvina. She not only was very involved but was super cheerful through it all.

Alvina could be found at the church and Lutheran School almost every day of the week. She was the school cook who could even make spinach taste good. She was the Sunday school teacher for the very littlest children and would lovingly comfort every child with the stories of Jesus' love. She was actively involved in every LWML activity and would be humming a hymn as she set tables or placed her mite offerings in the offering plate.

As Alvina aged and was no longer able to get out and about, she still hosted a Bible study in her home and made sure there was an abundance of homemade sweets for all. You just couldn’t help but smile when she was around.

On September to Remember I will donate to LWML in memory of Alvina who taught me how to serve our Lord with gladness. Who will you honor with a donation to LWML this September 12?

Susan Brunkow

8/27/2023 Weekly article

Whatever You Do

Back to school time seems earlier every year. This year I hardly noticed. I retired after 26 years working as a school Speech Language Pathologist.

My retirement began unstructured. Time would slip by. I valued the “rest” but felt a little adrift. I began to schedule a daily devotional or Bible study time. Starting my day with prayer and Bible study has provided some needed structure.

Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly, teaching and admonishing one another in all wisdom, singing psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, with thankfulness in your hearts to God. And whatever you do, in word or deed, do everything in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him (Colossians 3:16–17).

Equipped with the word of Christ we are strengthened to serve the Lord with thankful and joyful hearts. As Lutheran Women in Mission, we joyfully proclaim Christ, support missions, and equip women to honor God by serving others. Daily devotions are available by email. Bible studies and other resources, including a daily Bible reading guide, are available on our website,

What a privilege it is that God can speak to us every day through His Word.

Debbie Yocky

8/20/2023 Weekly article


Collaboration is a quite the buzz word in the business world, and I understand why!

A few months after Char Kroemer and I were notified that our names would be on the ballot for LWML President, we began visiting regularly by phone — sharing the ups and downs; the challenges and opportunities that would lie ahead. It was such a blessing for us to walk that journey together. We did some planning, information gathering, and communicating. We lifted up one another — and the process — in prayer. We spoke words of encouragement to one another.

Therefore encourage one another and build one another up, just as you are doing (1 Thessalonians 5:11).

In all the “not knowing,” we were assured that God had a plan. Our part was to faithfully go where He would lead us. The journey was better together. Read more stories and find inspiration in the resource “Leadership in Pairs.”

The Time is Now to work together, as purposeful, and purpose-filled Lutheran Women in Mission.

Eden Keefe

8/6/2023 Weekly article

Back to School

Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it (Proverbs 22:6).

Although I am retired from teaching, my heart remains with teachers preparing classrooms, students purchasing school clothes and backpacks, parents filling calendars with sports and music schedules, and pastors and volunteers prepping for Sunday School and Midweek classes to begin again after summer break! These are exciting times!

Lutheran Women in Mission can support students and teachers with items available from the LWML store. Teachers can use a “Sticky Prayer Pad” and middle school and high school students will enjoy reading “Text Messages from God.” Encourage Sunday School classes to use the “Children’s Mite Box” to gather offerings for the 2023–2025 mission grants, including grants for at-risk children in North Dakota, special needs students in Wisconsin and Nebraska, high school youth in New Orleans, street children in Kenya, and for children’s homes in Tanzania. Donate to support these grants through your own Districts.

Happy teaching, learning, and serving!

Brenda Piester

7/23/2023 Weekly article

Never Alone!

Do you ever feel overwhelmed in the role your Heavenly Father has given you? You are not alone!

In 2020, I said yes to having my name placed on the candidate ballot. In June 2021, I was elected as Vice President of Gospel Outreach. The past two years were a rollercoaster. Ups. Downs. Highs. Lows. Much to learn — mostly by trial and error — with error not being my favorite way to learn. Now, I am one month into the second half of my four-year term, hopefully more experienced and wiser.

Remember, I am not alone! El Shaddai, or God Almighty, is ever present! Matthew 28:20b tells us, “I will be with you always, to the end of the age.” Take a breath. Close your eyes. Feel His presence there beside you. Read or listen to this Not Alone devotion. Raise your hands in praise because He brought you to this role and walks with you every step of the way. You are never alone!

Karen Morrison

7/9/2023 Weekly article

Harvest Season

Across the nation it is summer harvest season; farmers are looking to hire extra workers to help them get their crops out of the field and to the market. Farmers make up only 1.5% of the population in the United States, but the need to feed people is always growing.

Matthew 9: 37-38 says this, Then he said to his disciples, “The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few; therefore pray earnestly to the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into his harvest.”

Jesus tells His followers specifically that the harvest is plentiful. There are people out there longing for a Jesus that they don’t yet know; longing for hope and peace. What will you do? Will you answer His call to the fields? Will you go out and labor in His name to the hearts that are ripe for the harvest?

Pray about it. Seek His guidance and His will. Answer God’s call, because the laborers are few. How can you serve God’s people through the LWML? You can find ideas how to get involved here.

Are you looking for a devotion for the harvest season? Pray for a Bountiful Harvest is available as a free download at or listen to this devotion as a podcast here.

Molly Dixon

6/25/2023 Weekly article

Vacation Time

Last Wednesday was the first day of summer. Many of us take vacations at the end of June or the beginning of July. My husband and I normally spend the first two weeks of July at our cottage in Canada and that is our plan for this year, too!

The break from the day-to-day routine is needed to rest, relax, and refresh. God knows we need to rest as He tells us, And on the seventh day God finished his work that he had done, and he rested on the seventh day from all his work that he had done (Genesis 2:2).

Vacation also includes spending time in God’s Word each day to refresh us as we rest and relax. As you prepare for your vacation, take along some printed devotions from the LWML website or have the daily Mustard Seed Devotions sent to your email by signing up here.

If you are vacationing away from home or having a “stay-cation,” please take time to rest, relax and refresh — especially in God’s Word!

Kathy Pavelock


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