2021–2023 LWML Mission Goal: $2,150,000

2021–2023 Mission Grants

1. Deaconess Ministry Dakota Boys and Girls Ranch — Dakota Boys and Girls Ranch, $81,680 PAID IN FULL
2. Healing the Invisible Wounds of War through Horses — Spirit Warrior, Central Maine, $95,000 PAID IN FULL
3. Thirst to Learn: Bible Books for Africa’s Children — Lutheran Heritage Foundation, $100,000 PAID IN FULL
4. Making the Next Generation of Disciples for Life — LCMS Life Ministry, $92,000 PAID IN FULL
5. Helping Hands for Lutheran Deaf Outreach — Lutheran Deaf Outreach, $50,000: PAID IN FULL
6. Hope of Christ for Cancer Patients — Phil’s Friends, $70,000 — PAID IN FULL
7. Training Pastors to Serve the Church in Russia — Lutheran Theological Seminary, Novosibirsk, Siberia, $100,000 PAID IN FULL
8. Light of Christ in Eastern Europe — Mission Central, $56,000 PAID IN FULL
9. Propelling the Gospel — LAMP Ministry, Inc., $65,000 PAID IN FULL
10. Educating Pastors in Africa — Mission Central, $100,000 PAID IN FULL
11. Redeeming Life Maternity Home, Illinois Expansion — Redeeming Life Outreach Ministries, $100,000 PAID IN FULL
12. Mercy Medical Care for Tanzania — Mwadui Lutheran School and Community, $68,182 PAID IN FULL
13. Gospel Outreach to Women and Children in Mongolia — Lutheran Hour Ministries, $100,000 — PAID IN FULL
14. Caring for and Sharing Christ with Hurting People — Concordia Seminary, St. Louis, $100,000 PAID IN FULL
15.   The Littlest and Least of These, Dallas, Texas — St. Paul Lutheran Church and Christian Academy, $42,000 — PAID IN FULL
16.   Bring the Inner-City Children to Camp — Lutheran Valley Retreat, Colorado, $25,000 PAID IN FULL
17.   Spiritual and Physical Food for Children of Peru — La Mision Luterana del Peru, $56,750 PAID IN FULL
18.   “Ends of Earth” Scholarships — Mission Opportunities Short Term (MOST) Ministries, $50,000 PAID IN FULL
19.   Sharing Jesus’ Love in India — Lutheran Braille Workers, $100,000 Reallocated to be used in Central and South America.  
20.   Mission & Outreach to the Least of These — Victory Lutheran Church, K. I. Sawyer Community, $51,356: PARTIAL PAYMENT of $34,000. Remainder reallocated*
21.   Mercy House Belize Lutheran Campus — Belize Mission Society, $100,000 PAID IN FULL video update
22.   Ministry Vehicle Fund, Ethiopia and Sierra Leone — Lutheran Bible Translators, $70,000 — PAID IN FULL
23.   Showing God’s Love in the International District, Albuquerque, New Mexico — God Cares About You Mission, $98,000 PAID IN FULL
24.   Reaching the Homebound with God’s Word — Lutheran Ministries Media, Inc. (DBA Worship Anew), $100,000 PAID IN FULL
25.   Missionaries to America Project — Mission Nation Publishing, $88,000 PAID IN FULL
26.   Strengthening the Lutheran Mission to Kuna, Idaho — Friendship Celebration Lutheran Church, $100,000 PAID IN FULL
27.   Expanding God’s Love in Uganda — LCMS Office of International Mission, Africa Region, $92,000 PAID IN FULL
28.   Christ-Centered Materials for Hmong Language School and Outreach — St. Paul Hmong Outreach Ministries, $78,364 PAID IN FULL *Reallocated funds of $8,156 paid to complete original proposal request.

*Additional reallocated funds of $9,200 will roll-over to 2023–2025 Mission Grant total.

Printable 2021–2023 LWML Mission Grant Disbursement Flyer as of 3/27/2023


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