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2016 March: Outreach in Refugee Camps

Outreach in Refugee Camps — Lebanon


Grant Amount: $72,000

  • To reach 15,000 women and children with humanitarian supplies, provide trucking, storage, and distribution for those items, along with printed materials, and for support staff.

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The goals for this outreach are to share the Good News, provide relief to the destitute women and children, and to influence long-term growth of the Gospel. Working through the Middle East Lutheran Ministry (MELM) center they reach out to camps throughout the Belkaa Valley region of Lebanon. MELM will visit the smaller refugee camps to attend to their needs on a more personal and sustained basis. Many of the men still living are elsewhere in Lebanon and work in cities. The grant will pay for humanitarian supplies, printed materials, and logistics. The grant will impact the women and children at a time of dire need with a strong Christian presence.

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2016 February: Hope and Healing to the Navajo

Hope and Healing to the Navajo People — Rocky Mountain District


Grant Amount: $75,000

To implement Gospel-oriented programs for Navajo men, women and youth to empower and equip them to live victorious in the midst of their circumstances and to be over-comers, offering better choices for a brighter future. Programs to include: youth camps, after school enrichment programs, Boys/Girls clubs, trip to share faith with another Native people group, men’s Bible group, abused women’s support group, and women’s health education.

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2016 January: Redeeming Life Maternity Home

Redeeming Life Maternity Home — Sanford, Florida

Grant Amount: $100,000

  • To provide critical housing and program services for their residents and babies and instill the knowledge that faith, family, and education are the key to living a happy, healthy, hope-filled life.

Redeeming Life Maternity Home provides housing and program services for single moms and babies around Sanford, Florida, and instills the knowledge that faith, family, and education are the key to living a happy, healthy, hope filled life. With the mothers being instructed in the faith, they bring their babies to the waters of Holy Baptism. Pastor DeWitt and wife, Sheryl, empower, with God’s mercy, the women to live independently: financially, physically, and spiritually. This home came from the DeWitt’s dream of being able to provide a place where women could turn and find the love, support, and hope they needed.

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2015 December: Renovation of JEM Seminary

Renovation of JEM Seminary Buildings — Nigeria

Grant Amount: $120,000

To provide funding to renovate the buildings of Jonathan Ekong Memorial (JEM) Seminary in Nigeria so they are safe and serviceable under the burden of larger student numbers. The buildings, built in the 1940s, are in need of resurfacing the floors and walls, replacing roofs and ceilings, replacing all electrical and plumbing installations, painting, and treating the termite problem. The Lutheran Church in Nigeria is the oldest partner church of The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod in Africa.

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2015 November: Cancer Care Packages

Cancer Care Packages — Phil's Friends

Grant Amount: $50,000

  • To finance the cost of the care packages, which provide Christ-centered support and hope, for cancer patients across the nation.

The mission of Phil’s Friends is to provide Christ-centered support and hope to those affected by cancer. Weekly cards of encouragement, care packages that are gender specific, and prayer will be provided to those who are battling cancer. This LWML Mission Grant will provide approximately 1,000 care packages for this need.

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