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2015 June: Convention Celebration

Convention Celebration: Sow, Nourish, Reap

There are 33 mission grants on the ballot. All are very exciting ministries. Our delegates and officers will prayerfully select and by the time we leave Des Moines, we will have new mission grants to prayerfully support.

It has been 30 years since LWML gathered in convention in Iowa. The world has seen many changes — dress, hair styles, communication, and technology — but the warm smiles and hospitality of the women of the Iowa Districts remains the same! They are preparing the way for each convention attendee to be fed by God’s Word and Sacrament, nurtured through worship and fellowship, and equipped to sow, nourish, and reap in the Lord’s harvest field long after the convention adjourns.


Mission Outreach at St. Paul

Mission Outreach at St. Paul Community Lutheran Church — Pontiac, Michigan

Grant Amount: $65,559

Disbursed: $67,767*

This grant will be used to provide hope to the people in the city of Pontiac, Michigan, and in the immediate community of St. Paul Community Lutheran Church, where twenty percent live below the poverty level with only this Lutheran presence to minister to them.

*$2,208.41 added to grant #18 with reimbursed grant funds returned from 2011–2013 biennium, by approval of the Board of Directors.

Visit St. Paul Community Lutheran Church's website.

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Christ-Centered Tutoring

Christ-Centered Tutoring Through Rebecca's Garden of Hope (RGOH)

Grant Amount: $100,000

This grant will help to support RGOH’s faith-based, after-school tutoring and mentoring program and the training of congregations throughout the nation to implement similar programs, aimed at connecting at-risk children in urban communities with the love of Christ.

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Christian Educational Support — India

Christian Educational Support for Children — India

Grant Amount: $85,000

This grant will help to reach 20,000 elementary-aged children in India with the Gospel message through Christian educational resources, provided by Concordia Gospel Outreach.

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Support for Lutheran Public Radio

Support for Lutheran Public Radio

Grant Amount: $40,000

This grant will help to provide a part-time bookkeeper for Lutheran Public Radio, in order to allow the director of business operations to devote more time to development, so that the radio and internet show “Issues, Etc.” can continue to proclaim the Gospel and provided a better understanding of contemporary social issues in a Christian context.

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