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Where to Use LWML Bookmark Patterns

Recently LWML made some coloring bookmarks and notecards available for free download. Looking for a place to use this fun printable?

Below is a note from one LWML member:


Thank you so much for the lovely bookmark pattern that we used for our Pipestone Zone Spring rally here at St. John Lutheran in Luverne, MN on April 29.

I had received the wonderful colored pens and coloring book as a present and thought "when will I ever have time to color"?

The ideas came forth … they worked out great and  made colored copies on card-stock and had  laminated for everyone!

Thank you so much for your help!

— Sharyn

Find these bookmark patterns and more creative crafts here.

Serve in Your Mission Field

75 Ways to Serve the Lord with Gladness in YOUR Mission Field


Engage, encourage, and equip the women of your congregation to make a meaningful difference in the lives of hurting, helpless, and unbelieving people at home and throughout the world. Enjoy serving the Lord with gladness!

For 75 years, the LWML has focused on affirming each woman’s relationship with Christ, encouraging and equipping women to live faithfully in active mission ministries and to support global missions. We want to share the joy of these missions and inspire mission service in your church, so that even you can reach out in love and through these opportunities to invite those you help to learn more about Jesus.

75 Ways to Serve the Lord with Gladness in YOUR Mission Field PDF

From the LWML presentation at the 2017 Best Practices for Ministry Conference in Phoenix, Arizona.

Christian Leaders Bible Study

“Wow! I wish I had a copy of that Bible study!” Have you ever said that after participating in a study with such a powerful message you wanted to share it with others?

nullIt just might happen with this Bible study. Christian Leaders Bible Study, written by Rev. John Heckmann, past LWML Pastoral Counselor, is geared for Christian leaders and contains new insights into developing leadership attitudes and skills.

The Christian Leaders Bible Study is divided into three parts, each with a different focus. A study guide and separate leaders guide are available below as free downloads.

This is an excellent resource for districts to use with their board of directors, committee chairmen, or zone counterparts. Consider passing it along to use on the zone level at retreats or rallies, or as a resource for society leaders. Take a look today! It will be a blessing for you and your leaders.

Christian Leaders Bible Study – Study Guide
Christian Leaders Bible Study – Leaders Guide

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Mentoring Resources

Woman to Woman Mentoring

Objective: Older to younger, peer to peer, experienced to novice – mentoring happens all around us in many settings. This is a resource that guides Christian women through intentional mentoring. It encourages one-on-one mentoring relationships among culturally and ethnically diverse groups of women, especially as they “serve the Lord with gladness.” It includes devotions, Bible studies, a sketch, and community building activities. It can be used as one unit for workshops or retreats or as individual segments in a series.

Introduction: Mentoring is a process of opening and sharing our lives with others. It can be a short term or long term relationship with another person to help her/him grow physically, emotionally or spiritually. In some situations we serve as mentors to others, and in other situations we need mentors ourselves. Mentoring does not mean, “What can I teach you?” Instead, it means, “How can I help you?” Mentors invest themselves in others as Christ’s ambassadors one life at a time. They do not have to be perfect or have all the answers. They do need to take the risk to get involved in someone else’s life for the right reasons. Jesus, our master mentor, is involved in our lives. He feels our pains and knows our joys. As mentors, we are not taking the place of Jesus, but we can share our relationship with the Lord with someone else to help her/him grow in a personal relationship with Him. 

Mentoring Resource Kit

Designed for retreats, workshops, or a series of meetings. Includes visual aids for presentation, a Bible Study, and a mentoring brunch suggestion.

Objectives: Provide tools to active members of LWML that will help them recognize mentoring relationships in their lives and how they can actively participate both as a mentor and mentee. Enable LWML members to participate in short-term mentoring relationships. 

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Volunteers In Christ's Ministry


We know that nothing happens in LWML without volunteers! So how does one go about recruiting volunteers? And once those volunteers begin their service, how do you keep them engaged and enjoying their service to the Lord? A new resource, Volunteers in Christ’s Ministry, provides practical, helpful ways to build, encourage, support, and recognize your volunteer team.

Local society leaders may like to consider using this resource as they plan for LWML Sunday activities. Asking women outside of the LWML group to assist by handing out mission grant information (or LWML items), staffing the refreshment table, participating in a sketch, or reading a prayer during the service, could help them to learn about the LWML and encourage them to participate in other LWML activities. The Time is NOW!

We pray that the information in this resource will help you to recognize that everyone can be a part of God’s team of volunteers. It’s more than simply recruiting people to serve, but rather inviting others to grow in their faith and encouraging them to view their service as a privilege.

Click here to download it!PDF

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Time Management

Do you ever feel like you are trying to juggle too many things at one time? Does it seem like there is never enough time to finish what you start? If you agree, then we have the resource for you! Time Management: Manage Yourself, not Your Time! will help you rate the importance of a task, and then it will show you six simple steps to manage yourself.

So set aside a little chunk of time to read this document. You won’t be disappointed!

Click here to read it!

Make Your LWML Young-Woman Friendly!

How can you encourage young women to participate?

Are you looking for ways to reach out to young women? The new Leader Development resource Does Your LWML Welcome Young Women? is designed to help you identify areas in your group which may need strengthening to make it more welcoming. You will also find exercises to help you grow in those areas. The Time is NOW to be ready to welcome more young women as they participate with you!

Does Your LWML Welcome Young Women? PDF





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