Below is a variety of resources to assist you as you plan for meetings and events.

Meetings 101 — For assistance as you plan an LWML meeting.

Creative LWML Events — Fun new ideas and themes for your next gathering.

LWML Event Tips — Preparation and organization tips to help your event run smoothly.

A Little Preparation Goes a Long Way — A fun "Do" and "Don't" sketch comparing an unprepared leader to a prepared leader.

Event Planner & Speakers Brochure — For assistance as you plan upcoming LWML events. It is an excellent resource for local groups, zones, and districts that work with guest speakers.

Event Planning Timeline — Minimize your last minute anxiety with this schedule for planning.

The Planning Zone — Agenda samples, devotion, Bible Study, sketch, song, and helpful resources for inspirational leadership.

Zone Event Tips — Twenty tips to guide your zone event to success

Creative Zone Events — Seven creative event ideas to make your next zone gathering inspiring and memorable

More Resources

Program Helps — Browse printable PDFs of devotions, Bible Studies, programs, sketches, and more to use at your events.

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