Bible Study on Christian Living. 6 sessions. 32 pages. By Kay Meyer.

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Balance — Christ Filled Living is a 6-session Bible study by Kay Meyer. The six topics include:

  • Knowing Jesus give my life balance
  • Prayer gives my life balance
  • Balance when life seems overwhelming
  • My life has balance because God keeps His promises
  • Encouragement and contentment give my life balance
  • Serving and sharing Christ gives my life balance

This Bible study was formerly available for purchase as item # LWML20441, and is now available as a free download.

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Balance — Christ Filled Living

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Audio discussion by Kay Meyer on Family Shield radio program on the topic "God Keeps His Promises" from Balance — Christ Filled Living

About the Author

Kay Meyer is the founder and president of Family Shield Ministries, and host of Family Shield, a weekly radio program heard on 52 stations in 27 states. She is also a popular speaker and author on family life, prayer, spiritual nurture, apologetics, and learning to witness.

Meyer has more than 35 years of evangelism, spiritual nurture, and family ministry experience. She serves on the Board of Directors of Lutheran Hour Ministries, the Missouri District of the LCMS Board of Directors, and has been an LCMS Reconciler.

Meyer has a Bachelor's of Arts degree in Education and a Master's Degree in Media Communication from Webster University. She and her husband Tjaden (Chad) have been married for more than 40 years. They have three children (their two sons are now with the Lord) and three grandchildren.


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