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2015 November: Cancer Care Packages

Cancer Care Packages — Phil's Friends

Grant Amount: $50,000

  • To finance the cost of the care packages, which provide Christ-centered support and hope, for cancer patients across the nation.

The mission of Phil’s Friends is to provide Christ-centered support and hope to those affected by cancer. Weekly cards of encouragement, care packages that are gender specific, and prayer will be provided to those who are battling cancer. This LWML Mission Grant will provide approximately 1,000 care packages for this need.

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2015 October: Disaster Response Trailers

Disaster Response Trailers — LCMS Disaster Response

Grant Amount: $80,000

  • LCMS Disaster Response will provide matching funds to 20 congregations to establish a disaster response equipment trailer for use in their respective districts.

The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod (LCMS) Disaster Response will provide matching funds with this grant to 20 congregations to establish a disaster response equipment trailer for use in their respective districts. These equipped trailers provide all the necessary tools to get to work immediately upon arrival in a disaster area. In this way, they aren’t a burden to those affected, but rather are able to bring relief and comfort. Currently, there are over 12,000 individuals from across the LCMS who have received Lutheran Early Response Training (LERT) and the number grows every month.

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2015 September: Clean Water and Evangelism

Clean Water and Evangelism Ministry — MOST Ministries

Grant Amount: $50,000

  • To provide sustainable safe water by installing water filters and instruction on hygiene and sanitation. 
  • To share the Gospel and implant the seeds of faith into those of the community.

Mission Opportunities Short Term (MOST) Ministries is impacting the world for Jesus Christ through short term mission trips. Working through partnerships with congregations, mission organizations, LCMS missionaries, and LCMS partner churches they provide medical and dental clinics, eyeglasses, hospice care training, women’s and children’s ministry, construction, ethics training for policemen and soldiers, and many other projects. Third world countries are in dire need of clean water. Five thousand (5,000) children die each day from lack of clean water from diseases spread through unsafe drinking water. The clean water program of MOST Ministries will work with LCMS missionaries and national partner churches to deliver lifesaving water and hygiene education. When given the opportunity, we will proclaim to them the living water of Jesus Christ, His forgiveness and eternal life. This grant of $50,000 will purchase, ship, and administer a 99% effective sustainable water filtration system for MOST Ministries clean water mission teams to distribute to 568 families and reach over 5,000 people with the gospel.

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2015 August: Back to School

Back to School


Many of us are dictated by school schedules when it’s a time to start fresh and embrace new changes. Adapting to these new changes is easier for some than for others. But all of us can be challenged to make one important resolution: to spend time in God’s Word on a daily basis. In His Word our Lord reveals Himself and His will for our lives. His revelation informs our hearts, heads, and hands and transforms our lives and lifestyles.


2015 July: Summertime/Vacation


Easter came and went. Now that we’ve mourned Christ’s death and celebrated His resurrection, we’ve put the winter behind us. The plants and trees remind us of our new life in Christ as well. Seeing God’s plan for the season changes can draw us closer to Him during anytime of year. Psalm 24:1 says “The earth is the Lord’s, and everything in it, the world, and all who live in it.”



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