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January 2023 Featured Mission Grant Resources

Showing God’s Love in the International District, Albuquerque, New Mexico

2021–2023 Mission Grant 23 — $98,000

open boxes of food and pantry items arranged on a table on the building's porch outside, with a few individuals looking at items in the background.This is the God Cares About You food distribution in which people get large boxes of food and everyone picks what they want. People in the neighborhood come, many homeless, families and refugees from other countries. Staff members let everyone know what is available and encourage them to take what they want, even for friends and neighbors in need. It is in a court yard with tables on two side and the another side is fresh product and fresh bread. During the food distribution relationships are built between those who come for food, clothing, staff, volunteers and all involved. Most share their faith with these people who often feel alone and are searching to fill their hearts. Many will tell the volunteers and staff that they turned their lives over to God due to the testimony of others.

Albuquerque’s International District is home to an ethnically diverse and disadvantaged population with a high crime rate. God Cares About You Mission, which is supported by nine area Lutheran churches, is transforming lives both now and for eternity. Their outreach includes a clothing bank, children’s ministry, food bank, back-to work program, Christian fellowship, meals, Bible studies, worship services, street evangelism, and counseling. Currently, the programs are only offered three days a week and they want to expand to six days. With this expansion, they need to add a services director and kitchen manager to better manage the programs offered. Help is sought for their salaries. With the funds from this grant, God Cares About You can expand their ministry and reach more with Christ’s love.

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December 2022 Featured Mission Grant Resources

Ministry Vehicle Fund, Ethiopia and Sierra Leone

2021–2023 Mission Grant 22 — $70,000

group of about 25 people standing outside holding bookletsLiteracy programs funded by Lutheran Bible Translators generally have 400–900 students. As Scripture is translated into the local languages, both the young and old need to be taught how to read it.

Lutheran Bible Translators (LBT) uses literacy programs within the local language communities to give people the skills to read the newly translated Bible which results in a personal relationship with God. When they can read God’s Word in their local or heart language, they know that God speaks their language and hears their prayers. Local personnel in Ethiopia and Sierra Leone, identified as partners with LBT, help teach their people. The long distances between the language communities have treacherous and hazardous terrain. The money from this grant will help purchase robust, reliable vehicles. Trainers will be able to travel to God’s people who are waiting for the opportunity to learn to read the saving words of the Gospel in their heart language. This will impact multiple language groups in both countries.

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November 2022 Featured Mission Grant Resources

Mercy House Belize Lutheran Campus

2021–2023 Mission Grant 21 — $100,000

landscape of site in BelizeChrist Lutheran Church in Seine Bight, Belize. Adjacent property to the left of the palm tree is the property desired for Mercy House — Belize Lutheran Campus. Picture taken from stairway at the school.

The Belize Mission Society (BMS) has a dental clinic in a multipurpose building that is located in the village. This grant money would fund the building of a Mercy House next to the elementary school and Christ Lutheran Church. By bringing the dental clinic and other programs to the Lutheran campus, it will lead people to the Church and connect them with the missionaries. The BMS is intent on “strengthening their cord” (a reference to Ecclesiastes 4:12) with the Belize FORO (forum), the missionaries, and the local residents. By building relationships with children, they also reach their extended family with the Good News of their Savior, Jesus Christ. Mercy House — Belize Mission Campus will further the mercy work and relationship-building of the BMS while providing a tangible connection to Christ Lutheran Church.

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October 2022 Featured Mission Grant Resources

“Ends of Earth” Scholarships

2021–2023 Mission Grant 18 —  $50,000

man crouching down next to group of children, all wearing sunglasses"It is in the eyes of the children that we see the future" 
— Unknown Author.
After receiving sunglasses to protect their eyes, Muzi Khumalo shares the gospel message through finger puppets with some of the children the MOST Ministries team met while in South Africa serving on an Eyeglass team. Muzi proclaims "It is our duty to take care of the future, to ensure that those that come behind us, live as generously happy as we did. It is through the caring for our children that we will succeed in this."

MOST Ministries is receiving more requests from LCMS missionaries and national church leaders to provide teams to go to the "ends of the earth" places such as Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya, Ethiopia, Ghana, South Africa, Thailand, Peru, and Sri Lanka to work side-by-side with missionaries, sharing the Gospel. The travel cost (up to $5,050) of the short-term mission trips to these distant places has become prohibitive, and has made it challenging for willing people to join a team. Currently, team members are personally responsible for their total per person cost. Not only do they use personal funds, but they are encouraged to reach out to members of the body of Christ to participate in the mission with encouragements, prayers, and financial support. This grant would offer financial support to cover up to one-half the cost of each participant, not to exceed $2,000.

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September 2022 Featured Mission Grant Resources

Due to the number of grants this biennium, this month there are two grants featured!

Bring the Inner-City Children to Camp

2021–2023 Mission Grant 16 —  $25,000

two girls standing outside at camp, hugging1 John 4:19 We love because He first loved us.
LVR strives to share God's grace and glory in His creation. In the forest, away from daily life and cell phone coverage or other technology distractions, campers get to connect with God and each other.

Lutheran Valley Retreat (LVR) shares both God’s grace and the glory of His creation. Many families in metropolitan Denver are unable to fully finance camp tuition or provide transportation to LVR where their children would experience God’s Word in daily devotions, singing, and worshipping around a campfire. This grant will span two summers when LVR will partner with Lutheran churches in Denver to arrange sign-up, transportation, and scholarships for 50 children from the inner city, so they could have this mountain-top camp experience. Research shows that the challenges of camp activities are transformational, giving children tools to overcome real-world challenges when they return home.

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Spiritual and Physical Food for Children of Peru

2021–2023 Mission Grant 17 — $56,750

two adults serving a table full of children their mealsMissionaries and locals serve lunch at Castillo Fuerte Mercy House of La Mision Luterana. Every day children receive a healthy, well balanced, hot meal at the Mercy House. For some of these children this is the only meal they will have all day. After this nourishing meal for the body, children gather around to hear the Word so that their souls might also be fed. Photo by Erik Lunsford

Castillo Fuerte (Mighty Fortress) Mercy House is an outreach of the LCMS Missions in Latin America and the Caribbean and was started in 2013. The people of Lima are unable to fully finance the work of the Mercy House, and the work of our missionaries, who feed the souls with the Word of God and show the love of Christ by feeding the parents and children’s stomachs. Families come to receive food for their physical bodies, and they stay because of Jesus’ love for them as He feeds them the spiritual food which sustains their souls. The healing power of Christ’s love and redemption shine into the broken lives of the families making them whole. This grant would partner with La Mision Luterana and Castillo Fuerte to work together to care for the children and families of Lima, Peru, by providing for the needs of the body and of the soul.

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