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April 2019

Prison and Jail Ministry Synod-wide Conference in 2018

2017–2019 Mission Grant 20 — $36,500

nullThis is an Inmate Choir singing at a Divine Service being conducted by one of our LCMS Pastors.

One of the largest needs in Prison and Jail Ministry is not only the offering of Word and Sacrament ministry to those incarcerated, but also in assisting the person when he or she returns to the community. The Prison and Jail Ministry Conference enables over 200 lay and clergy participants from 30 of our LCMS districts to learn about the importance of prison and jail ministry as well as networking with one another for best practices and support of each other in a very difficult mission and ministry. A number of LCMS districts are already doing, or are starting up a Prison and Jail Ministry, and a Synod-wide conference will allow these to continue and expand as changes and new developments continue in the federal and state criminal justice systems. Grant funds would help pay for the expenses involved in hosting a conference.

Resources for Mission Grant #20

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March 2019

RECONNECT to the Body of Christ

2017–2019 Mission Grant 19 — $50,000

nullFree rice meals for the families.

The congregations of Texas District Circuit 28 have a great desire to work together as one group in training mission workers to share the Word and unite these congregations and communities. The Rio Grande Valley of Texas shares the border with Mexico and has a large Hispanic population, many of whom are among the poorest of poor, at risk and unchurched. They have developed a long-range plan to assist the struggling congregations in reaching out to the communities to bring the Word into the homes of hurting families. The first step in the plan has been realized with the arrival of a Director of Christian Education (DCE) that will be serving the circuit – not just an individual church. With this in place, the next stages can begin by training leaders within the congregations in a mission and ministry model utilized by a local, thriving congregation, building campus relationships with the 50,000 students attending local colleges, and conducting community mercy projects. These funds will assist in the project startup costs, training materials, transportation costs, scholarships, and other incurred expenses of the training program.

Resources for Mission Grant #19

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February 2019

Restoration Programs for Native Hawaiians

2017–2019 Mission Grant 18 — $75,000

nullWorkers at a homeless shelter in Waianae: Within a three-mile radius of the church, there are three homeless shelters, as well as 450-800 people living within the bushes of the homeless campsites. Within this community of 13,000, 29% of those under age 18 live below the poverty line. Estimates of more than 7,500 people live on Oahu's streets and beaches.

Most people think of Hawaii as paradise, but to Native Hawaiians, Kanaka, it is quite a different place. In recent years, the number of homeless people in Hawaii has grown, with poverty rising, leaving few people in the middle class. Most of the ministry work is done in urban areas by non-Kanaka men and women to non-Kanaka people. To successfully engage the Kanaka people in the Christian faith and to provide the support and assistance that Kanaka people need to begin to overcome the serious social issues that plague them, missionaries must embrace the Kanaka culture. Clarence DeLude III (Kanaka), who is on staff with Lutheran Indian Ministries, is enrolled in the Cross-Cultural Ministry Center Program at Concordia University, Irvine, California, which leads to ordination. As a called and ordained servant of the Word, Clarence, a Native Hawaiian will be used as God’s instrument in bringing the Gospel of Jesus Christ to his fellow Kanaka people. Grant funds would be used for scholarships for Clarence, VBS/Teen Camp, on-going Bible study, and Sexual Abuse and Leadership Training (SALT) seminars.

Resources for Mission Grant #18

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January 2019

Nursing Students Serving with Mercy Medical Team

2017–2019 Mission Grant 17 — $25,000

nullHow then will they call on Him in whom they have not believed? And how are they to believe in Him of whom they have never heard? Romans 10:14
As God's children, we are called to tell our neighbors the Good News of Christ's salvation, given for all. A short-term mission through the LCMS provides an opportunity to share God's grace with our brothers and sisters, wherever they are located.

Seeking to expand their educational exposure, nursing students in the Concordia University System would be afforded the opportunity to participate in a short-term mission trip to Madagascar with a Mercy Medical Team. This service opportunity for students to work with medical professionals in providing medical and/or spiritual care to the under-served would be invaluable.

Resources for Mission Grant #17

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December 2018

Education Loan Repayment Assistance Grants

2017–2019 Mission Grant 16 — $100,000

nullWhile all grant applicant and recipient information is confidential, these images reflect the called workers, families and ministries uplifted by your support.

Twenty called church workers, each year during the biennium, will each receive a grant of $2,500 through MinistryFocus, an LCMS Recognized Service Organization (RSO), to assist in repayment of educational loans accrued in preparing for service to the Lord through the church. Repayment of educational debt is often made more difficult by the very modest salaries of church workers. This problem may affect recruitment, performance, and retention of church workers.

Resources for Mission Grant #16

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