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Featured July 2018

Training Lutheran Middle Eastern Missionaries

2017–2019 Mission Grant 11 — $93,000

nullPastor Naeem with Somali convert after baptizing her

The mission of the Biblical Orthodox Lutheran Mission (BOLM) is a ministry primarily to Arabic-speaking peoples and Muslims in particular. They bring the Good News of salvation through their teaching and by the power of the Holy Spirit. BOLM’s outreach impacts lives in the United States and in the Middle East. They educate and disciple new believers and, as the Lord wills, commission them as missionaries. They need funds to support their internet seminary for two years; acquire Bibles in various languages for distribution, acquire and distribute copies of Luther’s Small Catechism in Arabic, and for expenses for phone and internet.

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Featured June 2018

Christian Eldercare Home in Haiti

2017–2019 Mission Grant 10 — $100,000

nullA missionary, pastor's wife, Carol Hill spending time with two elderly church members after church. The lady with the crutches walks miles to church on crutches, every Sunday to worship.

Haiti is a nation in need of special attention. Since the earthquake in 2010, Lutheran baptisms in Haiti have been multiplied beyond expectations and Lutheran church attendance is increasing. However physical and spiritual needs of our brothers and sisters in Christ are left unmet. A center for the elderly people who have outlived their families, and some of whom are currently living in tents and deplorable conditions, is planned to be built on the same property where an orphanage was constructed in 2014. The children will have grandparents and the elderly will have children to make them smile. The center, built with funds supplied by this grant, would result in a dwelling with clean water, suitable waste containment, beds, food, and care for these forgotten people. Ministry in Mission desires to fulfill the intent of creating a true community for Haitian Lutherans by providing a safe living environment for all Haitians in the surrounding area and particularly the forgotten elderly society.

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Featured May 2018

Lutheran World Relief Quilt and Kit Shipping Fund

2017–2019 Mission Grant 9 — $80,000

nullThree women from the Lamjung district who survived the spring April 2015 earthquakes in Nepal hold LWR quilts for their families to help them through the cold nights in temporary shelters.

Every year, many Lutheran Women’s Missionary League (LWML) groups and individuals join their hearts and hands in sewing mission quilts, making blankets, and assembling personal care, baby care, school, and fabric kits to be distributed to people in need through Lutheran World Relief (LWR). Delivering these materials to people in need is a long and sometimes complex process, involving trucking and rail transportation, warehousing, processing, and overseas shipping. This grant to LWR’s Quilt and Shipping Fund ensures the ability to deliver more than 35,500 quilts each year to our neighbors in need around the world and sustains the ministry that so many LWML members have been a part of for generations.

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Featured April 2018

NOLA 4H: Hearts for the Hungry, Homeless, and Hurting

Christian Families United for Progress

2017–2019 Mission Grant 8 — $100,000

nullAfter eating at the "Feed the Hungry" Saturday at St. Paul Lutheran Church NE, two volunteers were able to convince a small group of those who attended to pose for a picture. It is often difficult to get people who have come off the streets for a free meal to agree to be photographed.

Hurricane Katrina was the largest residential disaster in United States history. Twelve years later there is no more federal aid, and many inner-city communities are still hurting. New Orleans has the third highest homeless rate in the nation with 1,700 homeless persons every night, much of this due to the hurricane and loss of homes. Entire neighborhoods were wiped out. Many residents lost friends and family and still suffer from loneliness and depression. Six inner-city LCMS churches, their pastors, leaders, and members have come together to serve Christ by serving their neighbors and providing food and shelter. The NOLA 4H churches work closely with other organizations to support various outreach ministries such as food banks, clothing, toiletries, Bibles, prayer books, counseling, and clinics. Funds will go towards these ministries and equipping each of the fellowship halls in the six churches to serve more people.

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Featured March 2018

Christian Hope Through Mass Media in Egypt

Lutheran Hour Ministries

2017–2019 Mission Grant 7 — $100,000

nullThrough Lutheran Hour Ministries' television broadcasting in Egypt, families in refugee camps can hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ proclaimed in the privacy of their own homes. This may be the only opportunity for people to hear about Jesus.

Lutheran Hour Ministries (LHM) has over 60 years of experience proclaiming the Gospel via mass media in the Middle East. Fortunately, the political climate in Egypt provides a new opportunity to expand ministry in the region. Other parts of the Middle East, however, are experiencing great turmoil with war and, as a result, refugees, mainly women and children, are fleeing to safety. There is urgency to expand their proclamation of the Gospel in these areas, especially refugee camps in Lebanon, Jordan, and Turkey. LHM will reach families, refugees, and citizens of the region through a new television program broadcast in Cairo, Egypt. This new television broadcast has the potential to reach millions of people throughout the Middle East, refugees and citizens alike, with the message of faith and the true love of Christ and to be a strong Christian voice and witness through Arabic satellite television programming.

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