Sharing Love

Our world seems to have been turned upside down since March 2020 when the effects of a pandemic hit the shores of our country. The “enemy” was an unseen, deadly virus that affected people from all walks of life — young, old, professional, unemployed, healthy, weak — its effects did not discriminate.

The LWML devotion “I Have Loved You With An Everlasting Love” shares a delightful story about a little girl who drops a message out of her window only to be picked up by a stranger walking by. The message: “To Whoever Finds This — I Love You!”

What a wonderful way to be reminded that we are loved — by God, by friends and family, by strangers. We are loved and we are encouraged to share love.

Sharing love can take many different forms — phone calls instead of hugs, written notes instead of lunch gatherings, personal prayers instead of corporate worship. No matter the method — the message is the same — God loves us all.




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